Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Organizing the Kitchen: 5 Eye-Catching Products

food and spice cabinet

I cleaned up my kitchen organizing bookmarks this week, in case you're wondering about the recent spurt of kitchen posts. But how could I not share this lovely Norwegian food and spice cabinet, from Ella's Kitchen? Notice the pots hanging from hooks in the wall, in the background. [via Kitchen Critic and The Kitchn]

unique chopping boards

Or what about the Index Chopping Boards from Joseph Joseph, sold here, here and here? [via Apartment Therapy]

porcelain egg tray

I'm also drawn to this porcelain egg tray. [via Kitchen Critic]

coffee filter holder

And then there's the coffee filter holder from Skagerak Denmark - available here, among other places.

Italian retro-sty;e kitchen cart or trolley

And finally, this kitchen cart from Legnoart, available in four different colors, makes me smile. (Legnoart makes more traditional-looking kitchen carts, too.) Forma House in the UK sells them Legnoart carts. [via Retro To Go]


Marcie Lovett said...

That kitchen cart is adorable in orange, my favorite color. I have to add one more thing to your list: a dry food dispenser, which I would use for cereal if I had room in my tiny kitchen

Jeri Dansky said...

I love orange, too, Marcie!

And thanks for the pointer to the dispenser. I knew about Zevro's spice racks, but the company's line of dispensers was news to me.