Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Specialty Storage: Hat Boxes

hat box

Tip: If you ever buy storage baskets, get square ones, not decorative round ones. They take up less space. I learned this the hard way. -- Naomi Seldin

I totally agree with Naomi; square or rectangular containers make the best use of space.

But if making the best use of space isn't a big concern - or if you have a hat to store - you just might want to look at those lovely round hat boxes. OK, the Lady Diane hat box above sells for $450 - and the clear, see-through ones from the same company cost $195 - but you don't need to spend that much money to get a nice hat box.

hat box, floral

Sarah's hat boxes are made in New Hampshire using recycled chipboard and a variety of fabrics - both solid colors and patterns. They're available in a wide range of sizes. The company also provides us with a list of 101 things you can do with a hat box. (Well, 101 things is the goal; the list has 77 ideas right now.)

floral bandbox - bonnet size

Hannah's Treasures makes bandboxes in various sizes - this one is a bonnet box - using vintage wallpaper. [via Such Pretty Things] Update on April 28, 2013: Hannah's Treasures no longer sells bandboxes.

hat box

Over on Etsy, Tactile Books has some nice hat boxes. I love that the interior of this one is as special as the exterior.

set of 3 hat boxes

Restoration Hardware Baby & Child has this set of hat boxes. Update on April 28, 2012: Restoration Hardware Baby & Child no longer carries hat boxes.

hat box

And yet another source is Queen of Hats. Update on April 28, 2012: Queen of Hats no longer sells hat boxes.

3 hat boxes

Jumping across the ocean to the U.K., Kate Forman Designs has some lovely hat boxes.

hat box

I've mentioned Pandora's Boxes a couple times before - here and here - but the company is worth another mention now that I'm doing a "hat box" post.

three hat boxes

The Empty Box Company also has some nice-looking hat boxes. The company says its boxes are made from "pH neutral board (that is made from 100% recycled pulp) designed to protect, preserve and prevent yellowing of any item enclosed."

archival hat box

And finally, while we're focused on preservation, I wanted hop back to the U.S. and point out this archival hat box, even though it's not round, just in case you need that type of storage.


Jeri Dansky said...

This comment came in by e-mail:

I have many hats, and I store them in hat boxes stacked in a closet. I have found beautiful, sturdy, inexpensive ones in a variety of discount stores like Marshalls, Burlington Coat Factory, and Meijer. Craft stores like Michael's also may have them.

Irelynkiss said...

I had a really cheap table with a round glass table top- the legs broke on the table...know what I used instead? Hat boxes. The table looks so pretty. :)

Mary said...

Here is what I did with a plain cardboard hat box from Hobby Lobby: I had no place to keep wrapping paper rolls. So I got poster board - made it into a tall tube that fit inside the hat box bottom (taped the inside of the tube) Covered it with neutral material. Put the wrapping paper inside and put the lid on. It worked perfectly.