Monday, April 19, 2010

Saving Space: Using Stackable or Nesting Products

stackable striped mugs

For all of us with limited kitchen storage space, items that stack or nest nicely can be a big help. Mixing bowl sets and plastic food storage are places where such options abound.

But what about coffee cups or mugs? Cost Plus World Market has options in solid colors and these stripes.

stacking cappuccino cups, white

Diversified Ceramics has a range of stackable cups: for espresso, cappuccino, latte, etc. (Available here.)

totem cups, stacking

And here's something very different: totem cups.

Other places to get stacking mugs include Crate and Barrel and - going further afield - Ceramic Tableware House Sendirian Berhad in Malaysia.

stackable Duralex Picardie glasses

If you want stackable glassware, you could consider the Picardie glasses from Duralex - available from Cost Plus World Market, Williams Sonoma, Design Within Reach, History Company and more. [via Francophilia] Update on August 26, 2013: Design Within Reach no longer carries these glasses.

stacking wine glasses, acrylic, green

What about stacking wine glasses, with stems? Here are some that are acrylic. [via Daily Olive]

stacking wine glasses

And here are some that are glass.

nesting pans

Moving on to another part of the kitchen, I was taken with the Stellar Eazi Store Pan Set, which Lakeland calls the "Russian dolls of the cooking world."

And of course, it's not just kitchen items that can stack or nest - as the folks at Heckler Design so beautifully illustrate, with OneLessOffice.


Simpler Living said...

One of the first things I debated giving away was an actual totem pole that belonged to my stepfather. I ultimately decided to keep it and gave it a place of honor in my home instead of storing it in the closet:

Those totem mugs are priceless. I'm trying hard not to acquire new things, but I kind of want them.


Jeri Dansky said...

I love that story about dividing up your stepfather's things, Naomi. And I'm delighted to see the totem pole being out in a place of honor.

I understand the conflicted feeling about buying the totem mugs. I get that feeling a lot, writing this blog! Useful things, beautiful and/or whimsical, often made or designed by individual artists - very tempting.

Is there a place for them? Would they replace something you already own? Would they make you smile every time you used them - and would you use them often? Do they fit into your budget?

Lee said...

That's a great little office system. Who would have thought you could get so much out of such a small amount of floor space? That's so practical for the movement to have smaller living spaces.

Jeri Dansky said...

I'm glad you like it, Lee!