Monday, April 26, 2010

Using the Walls: 5 Pot Racks

wall-mounted bar pot rack

Personally, I've never been fond of the pot racks that hang from the ceiling; there's something about having something hanging over my head that is bothersome to me. (And maybe it also has something to do with being short.) But wall-mounted pot racks are an entirely different story.

I'm finding two main brands of wall-mounted pot racks. The first is Enclume, which has copper-plated, brass-plated and chrome-plated racks - as well as hammered steel.

wall-mounted bar pot rack

The second is Rogar, with the same types of finishes - and also a black version. Both the Rogar and Enclume pot racks come in a range of lengths. [image from here.]

wall-mounted bar pot rack

Some pot manufacturers, like Calphalon, also make pot racks.
[image from here.]

wall-mounted bar pot rack

Cuisinart also has a pot rack - which I couldn't find on the company's web site!

wrought iron pot rack

And if you want something special, check out the wrought iron pot racks from Kitchen Irons.

And of course, another wall-mounted option is the pegboard.

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