Monday, October 26, 2009

Watches - Because Some of Us Still Rely on Them to Keep Us on Track

Mondaine Swiss Railways watch with red strap, men's

While many people are giving up on watches and just using their cell phones for determining the time, some of us still like to wear a watch. And some of us, with older eyes, like simple easy-to-read watches - ones that don't have a lot of other functions, but still have a bit of pizazz.

Since I'm one of those people, I've been looking at what's available. The Mondaine Swiss Railways watches were the first to really catch my eye. There are a number of models for both men and woman. [via the San Francisco Chronicle]

lovely longines watch

Another lovely watch is the Longines LungoMare model L35094762.

Alessi Luna watch, red

And then there's the Luna watch from Alessi, available from Unica Home and Emmo Home (among others).

If someone else knows of another watch along the same lines, please let us know in the comments.


Deb said...

Skagen also makes sleek, easy to read watches, at least for men. The husband has a couple of Skagens in his modest collection.

Anonymous said...

While the Mondail Swiss Railroad style looks great and is pretty easy to read I swear by a large numbered dial Timex with the Indiglo feature (you can light the dial). Much like issues with LED screen cameras, handheld video games, and cell phone screen glare the real benefits of the Indiglo is not found in the dark of night.
As a professional chef, I am hard on watches and they hold up well.

SueBK said...

My watch is of a similar style with the added bonus of being motion wound (no batteries!)

However, since I've been wearing it for 20 years it probably doesn't help you much :-)

I'd be lost without a watch. I use my mobile all the time, but when you're running late for the train you want something immediate.

Jeri Dansky said...

Deb, thanks for the pointer to Skagen - just the kind of watch I like! And the women's selection looks just fine.

Anonymous, funny you should mention those Timex watches. I'm a fan, too - I love the option to light the dial, and they are indeed very easy to read. I've just been looking around to see if there's anything else that might work for me! In retrospect, I should have included the Timex in my post - so I'm glad you raised the subject.

SueBK, I never thought to look for automatic watches! Of course, the first one to catch my eye costs a fortune, but there are certainly less expensive one, such as this.