Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Reader Question: Planners for the Side of a Fridge

dry erase monthly planner

I've always wanted to find a calendar that can 1) be attached to the side of the fridge, 2) can have a wipe off marker feature, and 3) is large enough to accommodate a family schedule. If you ever run into such a product I would love to hear about it. --Jason, commenting on this post

Jason, you're in luck; a number of companies make products that might work for you. If you happen to live in the U.K, you can get the Gripping Stuff dry erase calendar (sold online here).

magnetic dry erase fridge calendar

Customized Creations can make you a magnetic-backed dry erase refrigerator calendar using stock photography or one of your photos. You can get a number of formats, too - including a standard monthly block, a weekly calendar with name rows like the one shown above, and more.

family magnetic calendar

More Time Moms has a family magnetic calendar.

dry erase magnetic calendar

Adornit Decor has a number of lovely dry erase magnetic calendars. [via ListEn iN] Update on Oct. 28, 2010: I'm not finding these calendars any more.

magnetic fridge planner

And then there's the Juicy Lucy magnetic fridge planner. Update on Oct. 28, 2010: The Juicy Lucy web site says this product is not available.

magnetic weekly planner pad

The final two planners aren't what Jason wanted - they are pads, not dry erase boards. But maybe they will work for someone else! BusyBodyBook has magnetic 7-column undated weekly grid pad, with 52 pages. Update on Sept. 30, 2014: This product is no longer available.

magnetic weekly reminder pads

And Lake Erie Gifts & Decor has magnetic weekly reminders in four different patterns; each pad has 55 sheets. Update on Sept. 30, 2014: It doesn't seem that these were sold after calendar year 2013.


SueBK said...

I put contact (sticky backed plastic covering for books) on the door of my fridge's freezer. Whiteboard pens don't seem to rub off the paintwork, but they rub off the plastic just fine; and if you put it on real careful you can't even tell it's there.

I don't use it for a calendar; it's our shopping list and freezer & fridge contents list. But if you wanted a calendar you could just draw the lines for weeks or months (or both) on with a permanent marker. That way you could design exactly the format that you want for your family.

Jeri Dansky said...

Thanks for adding the inexpensive do-it-yourself alternative, SueBK!