Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hangers: Going Way Beyond the Ordinary

No one needs hangers like these - or any of the others in this listing. But it's interesting to see what some designers have done with something as basic as a clothes hanger. And these hangers from John Green are made from what would have been wasted material from his production of furniture.

London hanger

Seeing the John Green hangers reminded me of theses Cityscape hangers. The original company which produced them is no longer in business - but they are back! There's London (shown above, and available at One Eco Home), Milan, New York, Paris and Tokyo - and you can also get one custom-designed.

bird coat hanger

Ingibjorg Hanna of Iceland designed this bird coat hanger - which also comes in a trouser version. Birkiland sells the hanger in all three colors - black, white, and pink - but doesn't have the trouser version.

recycled paper hangers

The Ditto hangers made from recycled paper come in lots of 100; they're intended for clothing retailer, dry cleaners, etc. [via Apartment Therapy]

colorful hanger from recycled newspaper

And then there's the Zilka hanger from Ryan Frank, made from recycled British newspapers. Bouf sells them in solid colors and patterns - and they can also be purchased from The Greenhaus and Pure Design. [via Apartment Therapy]

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Claire Josefine said...

How totally cool that they make recycled -- and attractive -- hangers! Thanks for tracking these down and sharing them with us.

Jeri Dansky said...

You're very welcome, Claire - glad you like them!