Friday, October 23, 2009

Recycling Made Super Simple

Mary Kay mail in recycle bags

We want to do the right thing, and keep reusable and toxic materials out of landfill - but we also have busy lives. So anything that makes recycling easier is a good thing!

I used to go to the post office to pick up postage-paid envelopes for recycling inkjet cartridges - but when I went recently, the post office no longer had them. (I see it was a pilot program.)

So I was delighted when Mary Key consultant Viv Tracy told me about the Mary Kay program using the postage-paid envelopes shown above. (Mary Kay pink! Easy to spot!) You can recycle both printer cartridges and cell phones through this program.

Mary Kay has partnered with Access Computer Products Inc. Since the Access web site doesn't (yet) have much information about how they do their recycling, I called the company and spoke to someone, and I'm now comfortable that their practices are indeed responsible; you won't be contributing to the problems described in my earlier post.

Other organizations offer similar programs; for example, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds has the RSPB Recycling Appeal which uses Freepost envelopes.

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