Thursday, October 8, 2009

Treat Your Books to Some Nice Bookends: The Elephant Edition

elephant bookends

How can you not love these elephants - or at least some of the many wonderful leather animal bookends made by Sandy Vohr? It's been almost two years since I last mentioned these, so it was time for a reminder. Vohr makes another style of elephant, too. (I own one of her rhinos.)

elephant bookend

Zuny also makes some very neat animal bookends. You can buy them through MollaSpace, WesternBloc, Beautifly, and others. Update on June 8, 2011: MollaSpace no longer carries these, and the Australian site Beautifly seems to have disappeared.

The MoMA store is selling an elephant bookend that the museum claims is a MoMA exclusive, but it sure looks like the Zuny elephant shown above - and Zuny says MoMA has its product. [via Better Living Through Design] Update on Jan. 14, 2013: The MoMA Store no longer carries these.

elephant bookends

Then there are these elephant bookends, from Zid Zid Kids.

elephant bookends

While most of the bookends at DapperFrog aren't to my taste, I do like these elephant bookends, made of cast stone. [via Apartment Therapy]

mosaic elephant bookends

These elephant bookends from Mosaic Garden on Etsy are one-of-a-kind, and expensive - but what a visual treat!

elephant bookends

And finally, here are the bookends you can't get any more, because Alison Heath of Hardwood Artisans already bought them - as she gloated recently. But Alison inspired this post, so it's only fair to let her show off a bit. Update on Jan. 14, 2013: Alison is no longer at Hardwood Artisans.

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Deb said...

What fabulous finds, and a wonderful way to show off a few special books or to create visual interest on a bookshelf. As an elephant collector, I wish I had space for them all.

Jeri Dansky said...

Glad you liked them, Deb! This was a funny post; it started out as just neat bookends, morphed into animal bookends, and morphed again to just the elephants.

kbfenner said...

What about us Democrats?

Jeri Dansky said...

OK, that gave me my morning laugh! kbfenner, Sandy Vohr also makes donkeys.

Jeri Dansky said...

And Zuny has a very cute donkey, too.

Alison said...

Not sure how I missed this entry. Thanks for the shout-out. By coincidence, we also happen to carry Sandy Vohr bookends in our DC area stores. We have some great owls right now--so in!