Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hard Choices: Best Organizing Web Site or Blog

Los Angeles Organizing Awards 2010

Want to read some other good organizing blogs?

I'm thrilled to be nominated, for the second time, as Best Organizing Web Site or Blog; if you want to vote for me, login here and cast your ballot. You have until December 15, but why procrastinate?

But I'm also thrilled to be in such good company. Three of the other nominees are blogs I subscribe to because of their consistent high quality. If you want to vote for one of them, you won't hurt my feelings!

Clutter Diet blog

The Clutter Diet, by Lorie Marrero, offers much more than just a blog - but I'm going to focus on the Clutter Diet blog for now. Lorie has a way of taking good solid organizing advice and adding a telling story, or a turn of phrase, that makes me sit up and take notice. She also has sense of humor!

To get a taste of Lorie's writing, go to these posts:
- Organizing Magic Wand Now Available (but note the date on this post)
- 7 Unusual Scheduling Tips to Save Your Time & Sanity
- It's So Totally ME!

You can also follow ClutterDiet on Twitter, and read Lorie's great ClutterTweetTips!

Creative Organizing blog with Aby Garvey

Simplify 101, by Aby and Jay Garvey, also offers more than a blog - but again, let's focus on Aby's Creative Organizing blog for now. Aby's everything I'm not - the scrapbooker, the one who will futz around creating lovely do-it-yourself labels. And this difference makes it so much fun for me to read her blog!

To get a taste of Aby's writing, see:
- Make a Quick and Simple Travel Planner
- Budget-friendly scrapbook storage + organizing ideas
- Thoughts on Decluttering

You can also follow Aby on Twitter.


Unclutterer, with editor-in-chief Erin Doland, covers a wide range of organizing issues. From the first moment I saw it, I knew it was bound to be a hit with readers.

To get a feel for Unclutterer, take a look at these posts:
- Prioritizing uncluttering and organizing projects
- Unitasker Wednesday: Lem-O Saver
- Hinge hooks

You can also follow Erin (and Unclutterer) on Twitter; I've enjoyed following Erin, and getting to know a bit more about the woman behind Unclutterer.


Julie Bestry said...

Jeri, as I noted on Twitter, you are to be congratulated! Your nomination category is like the Oscar/Emmy for Best Supporting Actress...the talent is so superlative, it practically dwarfs all of the other categories, combined. You go, girl!

ChiefExecOrganizer said...

Jeri, WOW, how generous and wonderful of you to have listed all of us here! What a lovely wrapup of the choices. I am absolutely honored and thrilled to be in this group with you. - Lorie

Erin said...

I agree -- definitely hard choices! I'm just excited that we all get to hang out together in LA for the ceremony :)

Cynthia Friedlob said...


Of course you already know that I love your blog, but I'll mention it again: I love your blog -- and you've got my vote!

allison carter said...

Congrats to everyone! I love reading them all. It will be a tough choice.

Jeri Dansky said...

Thanks for all the kind words!

Bneato said...

Congrats Jeri!
Looking forward to seeing you at the awards--