Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Repurposed Items: Cake Stands

Those beautiful multi-tier cake stands don't need to be used just for cakes - or cookies, candies, or fruits. They can also be used for something like jewelry. I first saw this idea in the May 2009 Family Circle magazine, but this photo comes from Flickr user letthemeatcake1. [Photo licensed under Creative Commons]

For more great ideas, see the other photos in this set, including the cake stand holding "life essentials" and the one holding other small objects.

And even a one-tier cake stand can be used creatively; take a look at this cake stand used as a bathroom countertop shelf.

plate stand

Judy Evans, who makes some lovely single-tier cake stands - also called plate stands - shows us some other ways to use those stands. They can hold bath products, or serve as a "launch pad" where you keep your wallet, coins, and keys. That's one of Judy's stands above; you can find her plate stands on Etsy and 1000 Markets. Update on Nov. 9. 2011: Judy doesn't seem to be making cake stands any more.


ChiefExecOrganizer said...

Hi Jeri, great post! My only caveat is that sometimes the pedestal ones can tip over easily if you were to grab something off it quickly (depends on design/weight). I have always noticed how pizza places often use pedestal plates to serve their pizzas and it saves so much room on the table for plates and other utensils-- people can apply the same concept to their own flat surfaces at home.

Jeri Dansky said...

Hi Lorie, ChiefExecOrganizer! That's a good point about the lack of stability with some pedestal cake stands.

Cake/plate stands are one of those things I never thought about using as an organizing tool until a few days ago. New ideas - love it!

Judy Evans' Collection said...

Hi Jeri, Thanks so much for mentioning my plate stands. I'm honored!!
Tipping over is a true concern. I really tune in to that possibility and make sure that the plate is stable.
Thanks again,