Friday, May 22, 2009

Big Beautiful Boxes: Blanket Chests

blanket chest

Combine fine woodworking and useful storage, and you've got my attention. So let's start our tour of notable blanket boxes with a lovely blanket chest from Falcon Designs.

blanket box from Australia

Staying with the fine woodworking for a while, let's admire this blanket chest from Australian Woodwork.

blanket chest

And what about a blanket chest with a green angle, from Rugged Cross Fine Art Woodworking? It's made from purple heartwood reclaimed from benches at the capitol building in Madison, Wisconsin (and also wavy hickory), and can be seen on the company's Etsy store. You can also see blanket chests on the company's web site, including a lovely chest made from birdseye maple and cherry.

bamboo blanket chest

EcoDesignz provides a bamboo blanket chest.

blanket chest

And here's an eye-catching blanket chest created by Mark Del Guidice, available at Artful Home. Update on May 15, 2011: This is no longer available through Artful Home, but you can see it on Del Guidice's own web site.

painted blanket chest

Over at Russell & Mackenna you can get your blanket chest in your choice of 33 colors (and accent colors) as well as your choice "monograms" - or no monogram.

blanket chest

The American Blanket Chest Company, unsurprisingly, is dedicated to making blanket chests.

carved blanket box

And finally, here's one of the amazing blanket boxes made by George Storry.


Alison Heath said...

I think Russell & McKenna is in Maryland. I've been meaning to go out there for ages to see their work. If I do, I'll let you know what I saw!

Julie Bestry said...

I'm curious, as I've never heard these called "blanket chests" before. Is there a distinction (size, depth?) between blanket chests and hope chests that I'm not seeing?

Jeri Dansky said...

Julie, from what I'm reading from Artisans of the Valley and Dr.Lori, they seem to be the same thing. And both terms seem to be widely used.

Jeri Dansky said...

Right you are, Alison. The flagship storeis in Severna Park, MD. The production facility is in Jessup, MD.

Louise said...

Oh, these are really beautiful!

Jeri Dansky said...

So glad you like them, Louise. (Not something you'll fit in Odyssey!)

Australian Woodwork said...

Googling ourselves and we came across your site... Some beautiful blanket boxes you have collected here! Unfortunately that piece we had is now long gone, and not sure if well ever get another the same :/

Jeri Dansky said...

Australian Woodwork, I'm sure someone is really enjoying that blanket box. (Your website doesn't indicate it's been sold.)