Monday, May 11, 2009

From Pillows to Postage Stamps: Making the Most of Your Child's Special Artwork

pillow from child's art

So you've sorted through your child's art work - and there's a very special piece or two. The options for making something from that art work just keep expanding; here are my latest finds.

1. For a significant chunk of change, you can have that art made into a bespoke embroidered pillow. [via Better Living Through Design] Update on September 17, 2011: The company that made these doesn't seem to do that any more.

child's art made into a pillow

2. Art2believe will also turn your child's drawing into a pillow - for much less money.

doll based on child's art

And art2believe also creates dolls from children's art. [via Cool Mom Picks]

postage stamp from kid's art

3. At the other end of the spectrum, turn the art into postage stamps. [via]

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