Monday, October 27, 2008

Reader Question: Online Chore Charts (plus one that isn't)

chore chart created online

After my last chore chart post, a reader asked: "I was looking for a chore list online that I could implement at home or take and adjust to my needs. Would you know of any?"

Well, sure. DLTK's Custom Chore Charts lets you create them for free, and it's quick and easy. All the headings are custom, and you get a choice of pictures, fonts and colors. The chore chart at the top of this post is one I just created.

chore chart maker - sample charts

Another option is Lisa's Country Chore Chart Maker; using this package, there are pictures as well as words for each chore.

chore list timer

This is (obviously) not an online chore chart - it's just another option I discovered, thanks to organizer Lori Krolik and to Moschel Kadokura of Timely Matters, Inc., which offers On·Task On·Time for Kids - a combination of task list and timer. Make that three task lists: "morning (getting ready for school), afternoon (transitioning from school to home activities), and evening (getting ready for bed)."


Rachel said...

Our family has tripped on 3 really nice online chore helpers. We have used them all from time to time. Chore Busters - Totally free, helps you organize chores fairly. Kablinga - - Not free, but affordable, online community which encourages kids to set up their own "business" and chores. Handipoints - - an online cat village where the kids can mark chores, parent grade the chores, and the kids earn points toward items for their cats and cat houses, or goals the parents set. Also a great program is House Fairy. - which is a fun way to get the kids doing more around the house - especially in the area of manners and self care.
Most of these have charts that can be printed to use offline.

Jeri Dansky said...

Rachel, thanks for writing! I'm always glad to hear about more options, especially those my readers have found useful.