Monday, October 13, 2008

Hooks With Something to Say

hook, bright yellow, says welcome, scarf hanging from it

In my continuing effort to bring you the most interesting hook options, I've rounded up this new series. First, let me say welcome! Update on January 7, 2012: This hook is no longer available.

hook, says Home

Or maybe you'd like one that declares you are Home. (There's also a pink one that says Love.) Update on January 7, 2012: I found this at Rockett St George, which no longer sells these hooks.

hooks under word bath

Getting a bit more specific, there's a hook for the bath. Update on January 7, 2012: The came from Live Laugh Love - which has a number of hooks, but no longer carries this one.

hook, says good night

And here's one that wishes you good night. Update on January 7, 2012: This hook came from Iron Accents, which still carries many hooks - but not this one.


And finally, here are hooks for the cowboy or cowgirl in your life. (Warning: These come from a poorly-designed web site which will start blaring music at you - but I didn't see them anywhere else.) Update on Sept. 8, 2009: The site that had these hooks seems to have disappeared.

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