Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Max Kerning on the Need for "Tidy Harmony"

Max Kerning runs a vacuum cleaner

"When I look around, I see too much disorder in the world - needless chaos and messes. I sense panic and stress. In fact, I feel it myself. It rattles my soul and gives me an ache of the head and a sourness of the stomach."

So writes Max Kerning. People dealing with disorder often feel some of what Max is expressing. But what specific type of disorder so bothers him?

"... Everywhere I am assaulted by sloppy text that is displeasing to the eye. This must be stopped."

OK, maybe most of you aren't into humor concerning typography. But if you know what kerning is, take a look at Max's web site.

[via SwissMiss]

PS: For those into typographic humor, read about keming, too.


Louise said...

I love Max! I follow him on twitter for his pithy and well-punctuated missives :-)

Jeri Dansky said...

Louise, I follow Max on twitter, too - in my RSS reader, since I'm not really a twitter user.