Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Colorful Storage Furniture - for Kids

colorful child's bed, with storage

If we're talking colorful furniture, we should look at some of the wonderful products made for children. And I couldn't resist the Tati Superbed - hey, it does have some storage included. [via Ohdeedoh]

child's dresser - orange with green knobs

But Tati, an Italian brand, makes many other wonderful products, too - here's just one. In the U.S., you can find Tati's furniture at GoziaHome. Warning: It's not cheap. Update on Jan. 17, 2010: Changed wording to call Tati a brand, not a company.

room of colorful children's furniture

Micuna, in Spain, offers a range of colorful choices. You might want to take a look at the company's environmental policies.

three colorful small cupboards

Gautier, based in France, has many colorful options, too. There's a full range of furniture, not just the small cupboards.

child bed with storage

And over in Sweden, Micki Leksaker AB makes this child's bed with built-in storage (and an adorable storage box). [via Ohdeedoh]

changing table, modern, red

Miguel, in New York, offers this changing table in five different woods, and eight colors. There's a matching dresser.

purple storage cubbies

Finn & Hattie is the children's line from the always-colorful Maine Cottage. Update on Jan. 17, 2010: Finn & Hattie seems to have disappeared.

orange changer with drawers

If you follow children's furniture, you probably already know about ducduc; that's ducduc's 3-drawer changer. It's available in seven colors, and either a light wood (as shown) or white.

room full of colorful children's furniture - crib, dresser, armoire, changing table

Most of the lovely children's furniture from Pali is more restrained than this fanciful line, called Sole. (You can read Pali's environmental policies on-line, too.) Update on Jan. 17, 2010: The Sole line is no longer shown on the Pali web site.

fanciful child's closet / wardrobe

And finally, Haba, based in Germany, has a number of products - including this new knight wardrobe. Haba products tend to be widely available; I'm not seeing this specific piece anywhere except the Haba web site, but I am finding the matching storage bench a number of places, including here and here. Update on Jan. 17, 2010: Both the wardrobe and the storage bench have been discontinued.

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