Friday, October 3, 2008

Inexpensive Storage: Daiso

Daiso - building exterior

As much as I love finding (and sharing with you) unique and hand-crafted organizing products, I know that sometimes you just want to go out to a local store and get some inexpensive containers. I've directed people to CostPlus World Market, Target, Ikea, and other such stores for this type of thing (as well as any local stores selling second-hand products). And now, thanks to a tip I received this week, I can also direct people to Daiso.

Daiso - hand-printed sign listing number of stores worldwide

There are only nine stores in the U.S., and five of those are in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. There's one in Canada, one in New Zealand, six in Romania, and the rest are in Asia or the Middle East.

colorful storage boxes

My first reaction was that Daiso was a nicer-than-normal dollar store - with lots and lots of plastic (including plastic storage boxes and baskets). When I looked a little further, I found other containers that might interest someone looking for organizing supplies. For example, there's the boxes.

bunches of baskets on shelves

And the baskets. (This is just a sample - there are many more types.)

small wood storage crates

And the small wood storage crates.

Pocly chocolate-covered biscuit sticks

And, on a non-organizing note, they also carry Pocky biscuit sticks. Most of the packages had the strawberry coating, but there was at least one box of chocolate. (Are there any other Pocky fans out there?)


Anonymous said...

Daiso - wow they are everywhere here in Tokyo. Everything is made in China, and when you walk into one of the larger Daiso stores, you're hit with the awful diesely smell of poorly manufactured plastics - so bad that your eyes start smarting after about 10-15 minutes. There was even a report about it on Japanese television. I used to love Daiso but now avoid them. I would be very cautious about any food item sold there - or any other $1 store. Check the country of manufacture and the date, even the Pocky's. I really would not eat anything made in China - the melamine scandal is only one of many food scares we've had here in Japan over the years with imported Chinese food. Pesticides, weird chemicals, even poisons, sometimes resulting in death. And yes - there is a racist attitude here about the Chinese (and visa versa) but the fact remains there is little safety oversight of Chinese manufacturing and food production.

Jeri Dansky said...

Anonymous, thanks for the perspective from Tokyo. (My package of Pockys says Product of Japan, and the date is sometime in 2009.)

Having had some of my cat food on the recall list, I relate on a personal level to your concern. That was scary stuff.

Mrs. G said...

We also have Daiso here. I'm so addicted to their cute plastic containers.

@Anonymous - Thanks for the warning. There is a recall now of milk and milk-based products from China. I've stopped drinking milk and eating chocolates in them mean time. I'm waiting for the list of the safe products.

@Jeri - My fear is even products not made in China might use ingredients from China. The milk scare is making me paranoid.

Jeri Dansky said...

Mrs. G, thanks for commenting. I wonder why the Daiso web site doesn't show stores in the Philippines?

Mrs. G said...

I don't know. They first opened as Japan Home ( Now, there's one big Daiso store near a big mall here.