Thursday, August 21, 2008

Semi-Dirty Clothes: 9 Approaches

wall-mounted clothes valet

You know those half-dirty clothes - the ones that are clean enough to wear again? Where do you put them? Here are the most common answers.

Not Recommended

1. On the floor.

2. Draped over the exercise equipment.

Better Options

3. Back in the clothes closet. Some people have a specially-designated section of their closet for semi-dirty clothes. Other people wince at this approach.

4. In a specially-designated basket or drawer.

5. Draped over a chair designated for this purpose.

6. On a valet stand. That's sort of a variation on the chair option.

7. On hooks or peg racks on the back of the door, on the wall, or in the closet. That's what I do, personally.

8. On a freestanding coat rack.

9. On the valet from 659 Design, shown above. Quoting their web site: "This modern clothing valet was developed to prolong the life of my favorite jeans, while keeping my bedroom presentable. This piece is an alternative to the corner chair or bedroom floor strewn with lightly worn clothes. These articles are not suitable for mingling with your clean items, nor are they ready for the harsh environment of the wash and dry cycle." Prices range from $190 (a valet with two pegs) to $340 (a valet with five pegs).

One caution: Clothes moths and carpet beetles generally feed on animal products such as wool, suede, and silk - but "cotton, linen and synthetics heavily soiled with food stains or body oils may also be occasionally attacked." So don't go overboard with the clothes re-wearing!

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Natalie said...

Jeri, thanks so much for this post. I worry/wonder about how to deal with the not quite too dirty to wear clothing (purgatorial clothing), but I couldn't even imagine how to google the topic. Lots of good ideas here.


Jeri Dansky said...

Natalie: "Purgatorial clothing" - great phrase! Thanks for letting me know this was helpful. It's an issue most of us deal with that somehow doesn't seem to get discussed a lot.

Louise said...

We use a couple of hooks on one wall of the bedroom to hang semi-dirty clothes. Re-wearing clothing that is only lightly worn can save on clothing clutter because we need fewer overall pieces.

Michele said...

I agree with Natalie - this is a really useful post. Treating your "purgatorial clothing" properly means less washing and wrinkling too.

LuKerr said...

Thank you, Jeri. I've been using the first couple method... although the exercise equipment is sometimes replaced by chair, laundry basket, boxes, dresser... I think I should go get a freestanding coat/clothes rack for this purpose. Thanks for sharing the ideas:)