Monday, August 18, 2008

Back to School Series: Secretary Desks Can Store Your Stuff

secretary desk

Secretary desks come in a huge range of sizes and styles - and one place to see some of that range is Laurel Crown Furniture.

secretary desk, cherry wood

Leaman Place Furniture sells Amish handcrafted furniture - including a number of secretary desks.

And this is one of 22 secretary desks from Selva, headquartered in Italy.

secretary desk

Pierre Deux has this Louis XV secretary desk. (Please don't ask me what Louis XV furniture is; I'm taking their word for it!)

secretary desk - secretaire

And this Louis XV secretaire comes from Brigitte Forestier, based in the Loire Valley.

secretary desk, painted

For those who like painted furniture, Patina has some nice secretary desks.

painted secretary desk

Or you might prefer this painted secretary from the Jane Keltner Collections at Brighton Pavilion.

secretary desk, painted

And here's a very different painted secretary from Decorative Crafts.

secretary desk, open

And for a simple but beautiful desk, there's the secretary from McKinnon Furniture.

elaborate secretary desk

For something not at all simple, there's this secretary from Lewis Mittman.

wall-mounted secretary desk

And finally, there's this interesting twist - a wall secretary desk from Maple Leaf WoodWorks.

Update on September 2, 2008: For more options, see this great collection of secretaries on Elle Decor. [via Apartment Therapy]

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Nancy N. said...

Jeri - Thanks for posting these! Perfect timing as I'm in the market for desks right now.

I read your site every day, thanks again. Your dependability is soothing!

Nancy N.

Jeri Dansky said...

Glad to help, Nancy. Of course, you can also find secretary desks at places like West Elm - but they aren't as interesting, and I don't figure anyone needs my help to find those!

And I'm delighted to hear you're a daily reader!

Laurence said...


I work for Laurel Crown Furniture and happened to stumble upon your blog today. Thank you for showing our secretary desks on your blog. We're glad you found them to be useful.

If any of your readers are interested in our secretaries perhaps we could offer them a humble discount (5%-10%) just let us know.

Jeri Dansky said...

Laurence, "artisan furniture handmade by expert craftspeople," and people rave about your service - what's not to like? Thank you for your kind offer of the discount.

I just realized you're not too far away from me - and I'm in the market for nightstands. Maybe I'll be in touch in a while, myself!