Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ikea Made Easier

woman holding Ikea catalog

Maybe you like Ikea's products but you're in one of these situations:

- There's no Ikea near you.
- You're just not equipped to haul the stuff home.

And Ikea's shipping charges may not be your idea of reasonable. And waiting around for the delivery isn't a joy, either.

Well, there may be a local business designed to help! Here's a sampling of the services available.

ModerNash serves the residents of Nashville, Tennessee by picking up their orders from the Atlanta store and bringing them to Nashville. They'll also handle returns for you, and do assembly work if you wish. [via Springwise]

And a number of companies provide services to New York City residents. Ikea Delivery Alternative meets you at Ikea and takes you and your purchases back home. They also offer a service where they drive you to Ikea, too. Furniture assembly is also available. [via Apartment Therapy] Ikearun offers shop, deliver and assembly services to New York and New Jersey; they'll also handle purchases from Home Depot and Staples. And Ikea Delivery Service New York is a third option.

In the UK, Flatpack Brighton provides Ikea shopping, delivery and assembly services. East Midland Flatpack offers similar services, dealing with Ikea Nottingham. For London, there's CapitalFlatpack.

In Spain, Flatpaxia serves the Costa Brava and Costa Calida, providing Ikea shopping, delivery, and assembly services. Don Campo provides similar services in Andalucia.

And over in China, Kea was providing a shop-and-deliver service back in 2006.

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[photo by pinkbelt / P.B. Rage]


Anonymous said...

Jeri, I swear, your blog is the most consistently useful of any I read.

It could no have been more than 48 hours since I was chatting with friends about our love for Ikea and our distaste for the shipping options. You and your Rolodex of all things valuable ROCK!

Hmmmm, I wonder if the Moder Nash folks would be willing to stop in Chattanooga on the way back from Atlanta to Nashville?

Jeri Dansky said...

Julie, I had to pull up Google maps to see this - but Chattanooga is right on the way, isn't it? Couldn't hurt to ask!