Thursday, August 14, 2008

File with Style: File Baskets, Boxes and Cubes

filing basket with sun design needlework square on top

You need to do some filing, and want something attractive - but you don't want a file cabinet. No problem!

File baskets are one alternative, including this one from Sudberry House. Note that the needlework is not included; rather, there's a place to mount a piece of needlework. You can see what appears to be the same file basket (without the needlework) here. Update on March 31, 2010: Link to second site removed; the site has disappeared.

faux leather file box with hinged lid

Then there are file boxes. This one is faux leather, from Crate and Barrel. Update on March 31, 2010: Crate and Barrel no longer sells this product.

leather file box

And then there's this leather file box. (Here's another leather file box that looks very similar, but I can't tell if it's the same product.) Update on March 31, 2010: I can only find this one place now - and it's neither of the original places!

file box on stand

Neiman Marcus has a number of attractive file boxes.

file box on legs

And here's a very different style of file box, from Artisans Reproduction & Traders, Inc. Update on March 31, 2010: The site that sold this product is no longer there.

wooden file cube

This file cube is a rather expensive option. Update on March 31, 2010: The site that sold this one is being re-designed; it's not clear if this product is still being sold.

elephant-shaped file box

And finally, while I wouldn't usually show you vintage pieces, you have to see this elephant-shaped file box. There's also a buffalo version. Update on March 31, 2010: You can still find a lamb, a buffalo, and a rhino file box!

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Monica Ricci said...

Jeri you are the products queen! I LOVE these options for concealing paper files! I just Tweeted it with a link here.

Jeri Dansky said...

Thanks, Monica - glad you liked them!