Friday, August 29, 2008

Hecht of an Organizer

portable organizer

What does an organizer give as a door prize when she speaks? That's always an interesting challenge, since the last thing I want to do is create clutter for someone else!

But I think I've found a winner. Other professional organizers had raved about the versatile Hecht of an Organizer, sold by organizer Linda Hecht (pronounced heck). Linda says that "it was not only designed to improve daily workflow for everyone, but to help support the environment by facilitating the use of recycled cardboard boxes, and the use of new boxes made from renewable material." So I decided to give it a try for the talk I gave yesterday.

I have to comment on my whole buying experience. I had a minor problem with the on-line ordering system, and called to report the problem. Linda returned my call very promptly, gave me a discount to make up for the problem, and made a separate trip to the post office, right away, to make sure I got the product in time. Fantastic customer service!

The Hecht of an Organizer ships flat - you have to assemble it. And I'm not good at assembly. But Linda provides such clear instructions that assembly was extremely easy.

And I must say that the people who did not win the doorprize were quite disappointed!

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Susan Culligan said...

Hi Jeri:

Just to let you and others know, the Hecht of an Organizer won the Green Award for Most Eco-friendly Product at the 2008 Los Angeles Organizing Awards. I haven't tried it yet, but you've inspired me to get one.