Saturday, August 9, 2008

Organizing the Car

car organizer for passenger seat

Even with high gas prices, many of us without good transit options spend a lot of time in our cars. For some of us, our car is our mobile office. Our cars take us shopping and in family outings. They get filled with snacks, toys, the tools of our trades, and much more.

You certainly don't need car-specific organizing products - but if you're looking for ways to get your car more organized, here are some options to consider.

Major Brands, Many Products

Talus High Road car organizers are widely available. That's their SwingAway driver organizer, size XL, above.

car back seat organizer

Case Logic is another major brand. One of their best sellers is the back seat organizer shown above.

Both Talus and Case Logic have front seat organizers, back seat organizers, trunk organizers, visor organizers, and more.

Trunk/Cargo Organizers

vehicle cargo organizer

ROLA mostly sells carriers (bike carriers, roof carriers, etc.) but they also sell the M.O.V.E. Fold-up Organizer.

car trunk organizer

THULE sells RV products and accessories, including the Go Box - which could certainly be used in vehicles others than RVs.

auto trunk organizer

Creekside's Cargo Pak Trunk Organizer is yet another option.

Other Auto Organizers

cart desk

Mobile Office, Inc. provides a range of Auto Exec car desks, as well as a couple other car organizing products.

cell phone holder that sits in car's sup holder

Heininger Automotive makes the CommuteMate Cell-Cup - a clever product that sits in your car's cup holder and provides a safe place for your cell phone (and other stuff).

car visor organizer, patterned fabric

And over on Etsy, Chats Design sells car visor organizers in a number of fabrics. [via Apartment Therapy Unplugged]

car catch-all, a patterned pouch that attaches to the air vents, etc.

Also on Etsy, Zoozii's sells Car Catch-Alls in many different fabrics. [via What did she do today?]

baby organizer for car, goes on back of car seat

And finally, BabyMoov has this baby organizer for the car. An elephant design is also available.


Allison Spitzer Carter said...

This is just the inspiration I need after 4 family vacations and kids home all summer - time to clean out the van!

The Hecht of an Organizer is a new one out there that can do double duty in other spaces. I love all the little pockets around the side for storing family stuff - head phones, pencils, water bottles, and even my own work things in a file holder inside the box.

Anonymous said...

Allison, I came here to note that I use Hecht of an Organizer in my car, and found you'd already said it.

I keep it in the trunk with 2 quarts of oil & funnel, a roll of paper towels, tire pressure gauge, jumper cables and instructions on using them (downloaded from the Car Talk website). I also have some disaster preparedness supplies - a blanket, water, whistle, and so on.
Margaret Lukens, New Leaf + Company

Jeri Dansky said...

Allison and Margaret, I almost included Hecht of an Organizer, and then didn't because it's not specifically a car organizer. With the handles, it's promoted more as a portable organizer (a briefcase replacement, etc.) than as a product which stays in the car - though of course you can use it many different ways.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting about my little Car Catch-All! Anyone reading this blog can put Jeri into the checkout notes and I'll take $2.00 off the purchase of each Catch-all!

Thank you,

Jeri Dansky said...

Amy, thanks for the discount offer!