Friday, August 31, 2007

Handy Hold All - for Purses and More

3 samples of the Handy Hold All - a fabric strip with loops

While researching hooks and other use-the-walls storage options for reader Christie, I came across the Handy Hold All from Simply Sarah Shaw, available in 24 patterns. It's meant for storing handbags, baseball caps, and scarves. There are seven loops on each hanger, and they say each loop can hold multiple items. (But that might look awfully cluttered . . .)

However, some commenters on Apartment Therapy are emphatic that you should never hang a purse, because it's bad for the straps - and that make sense. But Sarah Shaw is also a handbag designer, so you wouldn't think she'd sell something that wasn't good for the bags.

Whether or not you think this would be good for your purses, I can see a number of other uses. What about this as a way to store those pretty gift bags, for example? Or use those pretty gift bags to store something else inside!

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Anna said...

I really like this idea. It looks nice and keeps the bags you use often visible and easy to grab. I sell purses and I don't think it will be hard on the straps. I believe straps are designed to hang. Plus, it will keep the straps in good shape instead of them getting curled and bent out of shape. Thanks for the post. My website is We resell high end designer purses at off retail prices.

Anonymous said...

Jeri, thanks for such great ideas. These would be great for dorm rooms as well.

Anonymous said...

My only problem is I have about 50 some purses and it seems this is only good on the outside walls of the closet. I have a double deep closet but only 48" wide with a standard, hinged door. Any ideas on what to do with the center closet space?

Jeri Dansky said...

Anonymous, how about a store display fixture? Here's one example.