Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Six Step Stools for Short Folks (Like Me)

EZ Foldz step stool

If you're short like I am, a step stool is a critical item for reaching the upper shelves in my closets. (And I'd need it for the top shelves in my kitchen, too - except my kitchen doesn't have the higher shelves that most kitchens do.) Sure, I have my less frequently used items up high - but I still need to reach them at times!

Here are a few of the many options for step stools - excluding those meant specifically for children.

1. EZ Foldz Step Stool (shown above)

If you just need a single step and compact storage is important, consider this stool. Widely available from Ace Hardware, Miles Kimball, and, among others. (I picked these three because they provide good pictures, all different.) Tim Flanagan at Navagear says it works very well on his boat. Update on Feb. 22, 2011: It's not available on - but it's very easy to find. Here's one more testimonial.

kik step stool

2. Kik Step Stool

Apartment Therapy wrote about this one today - a design that's been around for many years. Available in many colors from many places, including Evolutionary Office and Chefs. Update on Feb. 22, 2011: The Evolutionary Office is gone - but this step stool is still widely available.

stool with handle

3. Step Stool with Support Handle

For those concerned about balance, this type of stool could be a good option. Available at FirstStreet and many other places. Update on April 1, 2014: This is no longer available at FirstStreet, but you can find similar products here and here, and a number of other places, too.

chair stool

4. Convertible Chair Stool

Here's a real retro look from Plow & Hearth. Update on April 1, 2014: I'm not finding this at Plow & Hearth any more, but here it is at Target and at

stool with storage

5. Step Stool with Storage

One of my best friends had a single step stool which doubled as a storage box, which always seemed like a good idea for small spaces. The one pictured here comes from Target; you can also get what looks to be a lovely one from Renovator's Supply. Update on Feb. 22, 2011: Target no longer has this step stool; here's a different storage step stool.

cat on cat step

6. Cat Furniture Step

And then there's what I do - use my cat step! (That's my 20+ pound Moonshadow posing for you.) Yes, I have a real step ladder in my garage for when I need to reach higher - but sometimes this little step is all I need. I am cautious when using it, since it would be easier to tip over on this than if I used a product meant to be used by people. (So this is not a recommendation that you do as I do!)


In Recovery said...

We make extensive use of the EZ Foldz Step Stool on our boat, but we discovered another potential use recently: On a 6,000-mile car trip, the children really could have used this to access the sink in motels across America. was back at home, aboard the boat!

Lissanne Oliver said...

I am five foot nothing so I am apt at clambering on chairs, stools, tables, ledges! I love that EZ Foldz Step Stool.. great stuff!