Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Droog Design: Products Practical and Political

Droog strap

Droog Design is a Dutch design collective with lots of different products, some with an organizing bent. Fortunately, these products are available both in Europe and the U.S.

The Droog Strap (shown above) can be mounted horizontally or vertically. It comes in a few different colors - which seem to vary from site to site. (Twig has an orange version not shown on the Droog site, while Droog has a green one that Twig doesn't list.) Update on August 27, 2009: Color options have changed over the years, but Twig does still carry the Droog Strap.

The Droog sucker is a silicone knob that attaches to glass, tile, or other smooth surfaces - to hang a towel or whatever else you want. It's currently available in white and purple from Droog, and in blue and lavender from Twig. Update on August 27, 2009: Twig no longer carries this product.

For something totally different, there's this chest of drawers. The Droog web site describes it this way: "Remy's chest is a criticism on overproduction and consumerism that pervades the world. His deliberate improvisation is also a protest against the increasing complexity of the design profession. The chest has no fixed form; the drawers can be combined and exchanged at will. Each piece is unique, numbered and signed by Tejo Remy."

If you want to deal with the irony and buy this protest against overproduction and consumerism, you can find it at Matter for $28,000. For a great picture of this piece, see the Museum of Modern Art.

[Droog Strap via Apartment Therapy: The Nursery]

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