Friday, August 17, 2007

10 Options for Modular Shelving

Cubo from Topdeq

Modular shelving - a series of cubes or boxes - gives you flexibility in your storage. Here are some of the many options, in a wide range of styles.

1. Many of the products use some variation of cube in their name. The shelving shown above is Cubo, from Topdeq. It's available in beech, black, white, and silver. Update on Jan. 18, 2010: Topdeq USA is out of business - but you can see the cubic products from Topdeq in France and look for the product in the other countries Topdeq still serves.

Cubitec from DWR

2. Cubitec from Design Within Reach comes in red, orange, green, blue, and translucent white. However, they do say the product is difficult to disassemble - so this is not the one to pick if you're going to want to do reconfigurations. Update on Jan. 18, 2010: This product is currently available only in orange and white.

Cubits from DWR

3. Design Within Reach also sells Cubits, which have optional doors and backs. The color choices are more limited: orange, ice, and translucent white. Apartment Therapy: San Francisco reports that you can now buy the same product from Smart Furniture; it's sold under the name Smart Cubes. Update on August 21, 2009: Design Within Reach no longer sells Cubits; Smart Furniture sells products called Cubitec, Cubits, and Smart Cubes.

Matrix Cubes from Gaiam

4. The Matrix Storage Cubes from Gaiam are made from raffia; they come in beige and black. [via Apartment Therapy: Chicago] Update on Jan. 18, 2010: Gaiam no longer has this product.

cubes from reclaimed railroad ties

5. Continuing on to another green option, VivaTerra sells cubes made from reclaimed railroad ties. Update on Jan. 18, 2010: This product is no longer sold, either.

cube from recycled office furniture

6. Green-Works in the UK sells cubes made from recycled office furniture. They have four standard sizes; custom sizes are available for orders of five or more. They're made in a variety of wood colors.

System 24 from Council

7. System 24 from Council is available in natural woods and high-gloss finishes (red, gray, and others.) It's a new company, and I'm not sure where you can buy it yet. [via]

magnetic cubes

8. Another intriguing design (with unknown availability) is the magnetic storage system designed by Airleed AG. Update on Jan. 18, 2010: I'm not finding this product anywhere.

Manche Mitchell box system

9. Back in the world of the readily purchasable, Manche Mitchell Design makes the Box System.

galvanized steel storage cube

10. The Container Store sells galvanized steel cubes, with optional doors and shelves. You can configure your own unit or buy a pre-configured one.

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Ariane Benefit, Neat & Simple Living said...

What a great resource!!! I also found some neat cube shelving at West Elm and Ikea. Any suggestions for floating shelves that would work in a sunroom in an old house atop a bank of 4 large window that are side by side and don't have wall space between the moldings? about 15 feet long!

Any ideas are much appreciated!

ChristieNY said...

Hi Jeri!

I love your blog (I lurk often ;)) and these modular shelving units are great, but it would seem these great products are always just out of my budget.

It would be wonderful if you could post some budget-minded storage & decluttering options if you happen to run across any.

I'm a stay at home Mom so anything to help get me/keep me organized with two little clutter-generators under foot would be fabulous.

Thanks and keep up the great work! :)

Jeri Dansky said...

Ariane: I've heard some concerns about the quality of West Elm products; what is your experience? IKEA quality seems to be variable, too - but shelving does seem to be one thing most people are happy with.

Here are a lot of floating shelf options - or if you have a good handyman or carpenter, perhaps you could get custom-built ones for not a whole lot of money. Reader's Digest suggests one inexpensive way to build them, if they don't need to hold a lot of weight.

Christie, thanks for writing! I promise to write a post specifically about less expensive products later this month.

Ariane Benefit, Neat & Simple Living said...

Thanks so much Jeri! These are GREAT ideas! Have you ever seen floating shelves that are 12 to 14 inches deep? Seems like all the ones I could find are max 10 inches deep. You are so awesome!

Jeri Dansky said...

Ariane, I have yet to see that deep of a floating shelf; maybe that's just too deep for that kind of support. But here are a couple options I just found on-line.

Otema says their brackets will hold a 12" deep glass shelf; PDF here.

To achieve the floating look, you could try the Rakks floating bracket (scroll down).