Friday, August 3, 2007

Refrigerator Doors as Organizing Tools

Endo magnet clips holding an iPod, a wooden spoon, a spatula, a knife, etc.

Refrigerator doors tend to accumulate greeting cards, children's artwork, and flyers about events we want to attend. If you want to make better use of your refrigerator door, here are some products that might help.

Endo magnet clip holding a shoe

1. The Endo magnet clip can be used to anything up to a pound in weight - I'm sure you might come up with better options that a shoe or a knife. [via Popgadget]

magnetic bamboo files

2. The Solutions catalog offer a magnetic bamboo file box - and also a magnetic bamboo shelf. [via Apartment Therapy: Los Angeles]

Update on Oct. 16, 2008: Solutions says these products are currently not available. You may want to look at Bamboo Gift Idea instead.


3. The Fridgefile has four pockets plus a dry-erase board or calendar. [photo from]


4. Same basic idea as the Fridgefile, but a different design - the FridgeMate Organizer provides five 2-sided clear-plastic pockets on one side and a dry-erase board. Update on Oct. 20, 2009: This product seems to have disappeared.

fridge grid pad

5. The 7-column Weekly Fridge Grid Pad provides plenty of space for tracking family schedules. Update on Oct. 20, 2009: BusyBodyBook no longer sells something called the Fridge Grid Pad, but there is a magnetic 7-column weekly grid pad that would work on the refrigerator.

magnetic tape

6. Want to still go with magnets? Magnetic tape allows you to turn any lightweight item into a magnet.

gelgems - 3 bats

7. Have a stainless steel door, so magnetic products don't work? GelGems might be your answer. They come in a huge range of designs, from simple dots to the much more fanciful. (I personally like the bats.)

refrigerator with dry erase board exterior

8. Or buy a whole new refrigerator with a dry erase finish! If you're in Brazil, you could! The interior looks nice, too.

Update on October 16, 2008: There's at least one more choice now: the Jot Dry Erase refrigerator from Amana.

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