Monday, August 6, 2007

A Different Sort of Coat Hanger

wall-mounted coat hanger

Want an unusual alternative to standard coat hooks? This one should fill the bill. Available from Up to You in Toronto, Canada - and through their on-line store under home accessories.


A similar idea but a totally different look: this hanger designed by Felix de Pass. There's no indication on his web site about purchasing this; I've send an e-mail inquiring if it's available.

August 15 update from Felix:

Hanger is not in production and therefore it is not available to buy in the shops.

I did however have a limited edition batch of Hangers made, and I still have some for sale. I have the following:

One Plywood Hanger - £45.
Clear Acrylic Plastic Hanger - £30.
Pink Frosted Acrylic Plastic Hanger - £30.
White Frosted Acrylic Plastic Hanger - £30.

So contact Felix if you would like to buy one!

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