Monday, July 9, 2007

Magazine Racks for Any Room

Three magazine racks caught my eye recently - for very different reasons.

in wall magazine rack

The in-wall magazine rack addresses the need some have for reading material in the bathroom, without taking up floor space. December 2008 update: While this specific magazine rack doesn't seem to be available any more, there are certainly other recessed magazine racks available.

Frank Lloyd Wright inspired magazine rack

December 2008 update: This magazine rack used to be available in recycled aluminum, which is what caught my eye - but that version doesn't seem to be available any more. But you can still buy the non-recycled version from the Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust, shown above.

folding magazine rack, Frank Lloyd Wright inspired design

After finding the Frank Lloyd Wright inspired rack noted above, I found that there's a folding, wrought-iron magazine rack, also inspired by his work. Update on March 5, 2011: I'm no longer finding this magazine rack on the web.

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