Friday, July 20, 2007

Shelf Shark

Bookshelf with and without the Shelf Shark holding up binders and CDs

The Shelf Shark is brand new - available at Office Depot on Monday, July 23. At first blush, this looks like something that might be especially useful to those who care about having orderly-looking shelves and are storing any of the following on those shelves:

* 3-ring binders
* Spiral-bound papers
* Other small brochures or bound documents

There are lots of good products for storing CDs and DVDs - and somehow I never felt the loss of the Shelf Shark for my books. But binders, spiral-bound papers and other small bound documents have always been a bit problematic; they seldom seem to stand up nicely. I've sometimes stored the smaller items in magazine files, but this might be another nice option.

Update on June 10, 2012: This product seems to have disappeared.

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