Saturday, July 21, 2007

European Furniture for Kids

child's bedroom furniture in dolphin theme

Just today I was looking through the book Small Rooms for Kids / Petites Chambres d'Enfant / Kleine Kinderzimmer - it's mostly a picture book - and some of the storage products are very eye-catching. So off I went, exploring the web sites of the various companies mentioned. Here are a few of the gems I found.

First, there are the ensembles from Heather Spencer Designs in the UK. That's the Dolphin one pictured above - there are also Funky Fairies, Jungle, Bugs and more.

bunk bed with lower trundle and storage

And then there's the furniture from IMA Mobili; again, this is just one of the stunning options. (The company also makes some eye-catching office furniture.)

trundle bed / desk combination with color-coordinated wardrobe

And Assomobili also has stuff I could ogle for ages. Update on July 2, 2011: The Assomobili web site has disappeared.

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