Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Does Your Refrigerator Door Need Some Cool Magnets?

frog magnet made from recycled soda cans

Where do you use magnets? I'm a traditional refrigerator-door person myself, but some use magnetic boards or put their magnets on metal file cabinets — or any number of other metallic surfaces. And if you use magnets, wherever they go, they may as well be magnets you love. The one above is part of a marvelous collection of magnets made from recycled soda cans, sold by apmemory on Etsy.

steel magnets - dog paw and heart line bear

Boulder Pass Metalworks makes a variety of nice magnets from heavy-gauge steel, with a "natural rust finish that has been sealed."

More Cowbell magnet

Fans of the Saturday Night Live "More Cowbell" skit — such as organizer Janine Adams — might like this magnet, available from the NBC Store and Patina.

magnet: Please allow me to introduce myself

And for those with different musical tastes, here's another magnet, this time featuring Mick Jagger - found at the National Portrait Gallery web site. Not surprisingly, the gallery's store also has magnets with portraits.

magnets with city names

Ballard Designs provides us with this set of 12 city magnets.

magnet shaped like royal was seal

This royal magnet comes to us from Peleg Design in Israel; you can buy a set of three from Animi Causa.

magnets - two people done in red, white and blue

I found these "flag magnets" on a site called Not in the Malls.

red felted wool magnets

Pari Design provides pure wool magnets in some stunning colors - you can choose from 18 color options.

tile magnets with puffins

Carolyn Graham of The Mosaic Garden makes magnets from "mini hand-painted ceramic tiles." There's a wider range of products available on The Mosaic Garden's Folksy site, where you can find Carolyn's Union Jack magnets in a range of colors. These puffin magnets are available on both sites.

cat magnets

Cat lovers might like this Wonder Cat magnet set from Cathy Peng. [via Moderncat]

hedgehog magnet

Finally, I'd like to re-acquaint you with the animal magnets from Papillon — which I've mentioned before, but not in a magnet-focused post. From the elk to the sheep to the hedgehog shown above, they're all wonderful.

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Cynthia Friedlob said...

You know I love magnets! I'm particularly fond of the hedgehog and the sheep, but the city magnets are cool, too.