Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sticky Notes from Japan: Cute and Clever

baby chick sticky notes

If you're going to use sticky notes to help you stay organized, you may appreciate these ridiculously cute and/or clever alternatives to the basic square. Let's start with these baby chick sticky notes from Banana Chicken — but head on over to the Banana Chicken web site to see the baby cats and baby penguins, too. You can buy the chicks, cats and penguins from MochiThings, based in Seattle. [via Book of Joe]

Cat sticky notes - various shapes that fit together like puzzle pieces

Then there are the Puzzle Point Marker sets from Midori. There are eight different sets — dogs, zoo animals, etc. — but since I had to pick one to show you, I picked the cats. You can get these from The Journal Shop (U.K.), Pig's Paper Clip (Canada) and Paperpoint (Australia).

sticky notes - circle and half circle

Moving on from cute to clever, we've got the sticky notes from Drop Around, available in a range of geometric shapes. You can buy these from Papercookie (Australia), Present & Correct (U.K.) and Uguisu (Tokyo, but with prices in U.S. dollars and worldwide shipping) [via Swiss Miss] Update on July 24, 2013: I'm no longer finding these at Uguisu.

sticky note shaped like a clock face

And finally, take a look at these clock-shaped sticky notes from Muji — another clever idea. [via Better Living Through Design]

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