Tuesday, October 16, 2012

2013 Calendars with Cats, Dogs and Bunnies — and Whales

2013 calendar - painting of dogs in bed with people

For those who prefer paper calendars — with plenty of space to note appointments — it may be time to start looking for a 2013 calendar. Let me show you some of the ones I've found on Etsy recently, starting with the Whimsical Animal Calendar from Sara Pulver of 3 crows.

2013 dog calendar - page shown is a dachshund

I think this 2013 dog calendar from Square Paisley Design is just wonderful.

2013 calendar with Maneki Neko lucky cats

Three Cats Graphics has a 2013 calendar featuring Maneki Neko lucky cats.

2013 calendar with rabbits - page shown is bunny flying a kite

I've written about Nakisha's calendars before, and I'm delighted to see she's got a 2013 calendar with her rabbit paintings at her shop, Blue Dog Rose.

2013 calendar showing animals winning championships - whale on cover

And finally, Sally Harless of Sadly Harmless brings us her 2013 Grand Champions Calendar — with a whale, a rhino, some foxes, and much more.


3crows said...

Thanks for the mention Jeri! Anyone want to buy my calendar can use coupon code HENRY for 15% off!

bluedogrose said...

Thanks for the feature! What wonderful calendars!