Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Organizing Tools in the News: Binders

four different ring binders

How many chances does an organizing-related blog get to be topical? Since binders hit the news last night, this seemed like an ideal time to share my latest binder finds — some of which can help those of you who want PVC-free school (and office) supplies. The cardboard binders shown above come from Ferm Living; you can get them in blue, coral, yellow and green.

3-ring binder, floral

DCWV has a number of nice-looking binders. Some are offered at discounted prices on the DCWV website, and you can also buy them through

three patterned 3-ring binders

Capri Designs has four binders which you can buy on the company's web site, or you can get some of them through See Jane Work. They're made of heavy-duty paperboard. Update on Oct. 29, 2013: Capri Designs doesn't see to make these any more.

oilcloth covers for 3-ring binders

Finally, if you already have binders but just want to jazz them up a bit, you could get oilcloth binder covers from rbt Bags, in patterns ranging from stripes and polka dots to designs like the ones shown above.

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