Tuesday, October 9, 2012

File Folders That (Almost) Make Filing Fun

file folders with colorful flowers

If you want to splurge just a little bit on cool organizing products, you could consider getting some spectacular file folders. The ones above come from Compendium, which also has another attractive set.

file folders with images from the sea - waves, starfish, etc.

I'm also very fond of the Karen Foster Design file folders, sold via Amazon.com.

patterned file folders

And then there are the file folders from Lotta Jansdotter, sold by See Jane Work and Amazon.com. Update on Oct. 17, 2013: These are no longer sold by See Jane Work.

Cavallini makes gorgeous bird file folders, as I've noted before — but these, sold by Wisteria, also look lovely.

file folders with polka dots

Or you could go with simple geometric designs. Among its many designs, Barker Creek has polka dot file folders in red and white, and in black and white. You can also get these from Wayfair Supply.

striped file folders

These Kate Spade file folders are available from Greer Chicago and See Jane Work. Update on Oct. 17, 2013: I'm no longer finding these being sold anywhere.

file folders with stripes

And Semikolon, from Pierre Belvédère, also has its stripes folders — horizontal stripes, rather than vertical. You can get these online through Bindertek or See Jane Work. Update on Oct. 17, 2013: You can also find them on Amazon.com.

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