Sunday, September 30, 2012

Organizing My Halloween Treats: Books!

collection of picture books in a plastic bin

Come this Halloween, I won't be giving out candy. As I've done for the past few years, I'll be giving out books. I've got books for all ages; the ones above are the picture books.

collection of chapter books

And here are the chapter books. I've got board books, too. We don't get many kids trick-or-treating in my neighborhood, so the collections shown above are sufficient.

To answer some questions:

Q: What made you decide to do this?
A: I read about Books for Treats, and it just sounded like a great idea. I've always considered a good book to be quite a treat! And if you have children who have outgrown some of their books, it's a great way to declutter.

Q: How do the kids react?
A: They're surprised at first, and then they get into it. I let them select their own books — for the littlest ones, the parents select, or I'll just give them one.

Q: Where do you get the books?
A: Since gently used books are just fine, I got most of mine at used bookstores, where I already had credits from selling back books, as part of my own decluttering. I spent quite some time picking books I really liked. A few books came directly from my own bookshelves. Books for Treats has more ideas on where to get books at a reasonable cost.

All Hallow's Read poster

Another thought: You could combine this idea with that of All Hallow's Read, and specifically give away scary books.

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Karin said...

What a lovely idea. Thanks.

MarySees said...

This is a great idea, Jeri!

rebecca Morgan said...

Thanks for mentioning Books For Treats! You're right, it's a great way to de-clutter, plus shift Halloween from sugar to brain candy!

Rebecca Morgan
Books For Treats