Thursday, September 27, 2012

Trick or Treat Buckets and Bags for a Beautifully Organized Halloween

paper mache Halloween candy bucket shaped like a raccoon's face

Trick or treat buckets don't have to be basic plastic pumpkins; they can be remarkable containers you'll be pleased to use for storage way beyond Halloween. Let's start with the paper mache candy buckets from Kathy Baggett of N2Hookin, including the raccoon shown above. Update on Oct. 10, 2014: I'm not seeing Kathy making any buckets this year.

Halloween bucket with witch, cat, pumpkins

Judy Skinner of Collectiques by Jubee sells this Halloween bucket; I was attracted by the cat, which seems to radiate attitude.

canvas trick or treat bag with spiders

This delightful canvas trick or treat bag comes from Judy of A Little Frayed. She has a few other designs, too.

Halloween trick or treat bag shaped like a monster, with open mouth for candy

The Candy Monster bags from Doves Nest Designs aren't as useful for home storage as the other items I've listed, but they can certainly be put to other uses during the year — and they were too wonderful not to share. [via Inhabitots]

Halloween trick or treat bucket designed like an owl

All the items I've listed up until now come from Etsy — but then there's Edward the Owl. I first found Edward on NeatoShop, but he's widely available. Update on Oct. 10, 2014: NeatoShop no longer carries this, but you can still find it elsewhere.

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Jeri Dansky said...

This comment came in by e-mail, and I got permission to share it:

Each year I make a special candy collecting receptacle that is special to the costume the child is wearing -- last year my daughter was Hermione from Harry Potter, so I made a giant book of "Hogwarts: A History" and it was a box for candy. It was the hit of our small-town Halloween time, with people pointing it out from across the street!

The nice thing is that the receptacles remind the kids of costumes long-gone, and they really are a joy to keep and to use again. This one was so popular, it is going to be re-used this Halloween! And, it was made out of recycled materials, and is fully recycle-able, when they can bear to let it go!