Thursday, September 30, 2010

Organizing and Halloween: Trick or Treat Buckets

Halloween trick or treat fabric bucket, polka dot

Now that we're moving into October, it's time to admire some Halloween-themed items. I live in Half Moon Bay, where pumpkins are a Big Deal. And Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays - so it's been a special delight to find these products.

Let's start this series with some trick or treat buckets that are nice enough to be used for more than just one night - buckets that could be used to store all kinds of things! Baffin Bags has some trick or treat buckets that certainly fit that description. [via Mighty Goods]

Halloween fabric bucket

Smidgebox has a smaller selection of Halloween buckets; this one was the most popular design last year, so it's back for this year. Update on Sept. 26, 2012: The Smidgebox Etsy store is on hiatus.

Halloween basket, fabric

Here's one of the Halloween baskets from Sew Gracious. Update on Oct. 11, 2011: Sew Gracious doesn't seem to be selling Halloween baskets this year.

Halloween basket, fabric - orange with black cat

And here's a Halloween basket from Lee Anne of ladesigns2.

goldfish Halloween treat bag

The four prior buckets and baskets all come from individuals selling through Etsy - one of my favorite places for finding neat products. But Pottery Barn Kids also has some darn cute treat bags, including this goldfish!

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Sandy S said...

Ahh, I how I miss pumpkin time in Half Moon Bay!