Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Basic Organizing Tools: Peg Racks

Shaker peg rack

Peg racks can be a wonderful storage option - holding coats, hats, towels, necklaces, dog leashes and more. This Shaker peg rack comes from Sturbridge Yankee Workshop.

Shaker peg rack with mirror hanging from it

Shaker Workshops sells both the racks and a number of things that can hang from them - a mirror, shelves, a wall cupboard - and brooms. [via Apartment Therapy]

peg rack

Over in the U.K., Alison Capeling makes lovely peg racks in six different colors.

blue peg rail

And South West Pine has peg rails in wonderful colors.

peg rack - bunny tails

If you like whimsical, there's this bunny peg rack from Fairbourn Childrens Furniture, sold through Coriandr and Etsy. Update on January 9, 2012: These don't seem to be for sale on Etsy any more.

And you can also take a look at the peg racks from NHwoodworking and The Period House - neither of which has very good pictures, unfortunately.

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Janet Schiesl said...

I have these basic peg racks all over my house. Their simple use is perfect for me. We hang towels in the bathroom for a nicer look than the standard towel bar. I also have them in certain spots where the family hangs coats, but I also find that it's an unexpected place to hang a holiday decoration for a change of pace.

Thanks for your wonderful blog. I really enjoy reading the latest from you. I am a professional organizer and have recommended your blog to my local chapter of AIDP (Association of Interior Design Professionals). You report on such great stylish organizing ideas that the interior design industry would love.

Jeri Dansky said...

Thanks for the kind words, Janet; you made my day!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this article on pegrails. I looked at each of the sites you mentioned. The quality of some seemed to be better than others. I didn't quite get your comment on not so good pictures for a couple of the websites. I found the Period House to have more pictures and choices than anyone else.