Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bicycle Storage: Wall-Mounted Bikes that Look Good

wall-mounted bike rack, wood

Bicycle storage options abound - but how many of them look cool?

Today I learned about the Bike Shelf shown above, from Knife & Saw. [via Freshome and Cribcandy]

wall-mounted bike rack, wood

The bike racks from Cantilever and Press are another nice wood option. This rack is "made of reclaimed wood and end-cuts, utilizing scrap materials to make something functional." [via Apartment Therapy]

bicycle wall mount

For a totally different look, there's the Cycloc. It comes from the U.K., but you can indeed get it in the U.S.; Nestliving is one source. The Cycloc comes in four different colors. Update on Jan. 14, 2013: I'm not able to access Nestliving, but Y Living and Emmo Home have the Cycloc —  as do some other sites.

folding bicycle

Want to minimize the whole bike storage issue? You could get a Dahon folding bicycle.

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Struggler said...

The Cycloc looks so intriguing! I'm guessing its size belies its strength.