Saturday, September 4, 2010

Four Memorable Magnetic Boards

Forget Me Not magentic notice board, red

Like to use a magnetic board to keep a few key pieces of paper in front of you? Then you might be interested in some of my latest finds, including this forget-me-not board from Green & Co.

fabric-covered magnetic board

For nice fabric-covered magnetic boards (and a groaner of a pun), head over to Board Silly. The company also sells hand-painted magnetic boards.

magnetic board with polka dots

ReMemory Designs is another company with a wide range of magnetic boards.

magnetic board with pocket, in Pantone colors

And finally, there's the Pantone Wallstore, designed for Seletti by John Green, and available in seven Pantone colors. The Wallstore is more than just a magnetic board, with its folded section at the bottom. Sit On Design and Heliotrope are two places to buy it. [via From Europe]

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Struggler said...

Great products and great links - I'll be checking out all these sites.
The Forget Me Not option particularly appeals to me.

ingrid said...

Love the Forget Me Not and Pantone boards.
Thanks for the ideas.