Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wrapping Made Easy: Gift Bags for Wine

wine gift bags made from recycled wool sweaters

Want some beautiful wrapping paper? San Francisco's Japantown is one place to get it - and my out-of-town guest was delighted to buy some this past weekend. But while the beauty of the paper was tempting, I realized that the simpler approach of using gift bags often suits me better. No struggle to wrap an odd-shaped item. No cutting, folding and taping - and no fussing around with ribbons and bows. And gift bags are readily reusable, too!

And since wine can be a wonderful "consumable" gift for the right recipient - my brother got me a wonderful bottle of champagne for my last birthday - let's look at some unique wine gift bags, starting with the amazing wine bottle gift bags from the North Wood Blanket Co. They're made from recycled wool sweaters!

wine bags made from saris

You can also get wine gift bags made from vintage saris.

wine bag

Ingrid Anderson of New Zealand has some stunning wine bags. Update on June 22, 2012: It seems Ingrid Anderson no longer makes these bags.

wine bottle bags shaped like animals

And finally, there are the whimsical wine bottle bags from Toto Knits - "ethically produced in Kenya by a group of local artisans."

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JustGail said...

This idea has probably been submitted before, but a refresher is always good. This isn't quite the same thing as a pre-made bag (I don't mean that in a bad way), but if you are giving any gift to someone who sews, wrapping it in a length of fabric is also good. If they are not a quilter, and you don't know what kind of fabric they like, a length of silk organza has many uses in sewing.

Charissa said...

What a great collection - I haven't seen these before! I can see how reusable bags really make sense for wine - they are a standard size and can be easily put to good use again. Thank you for sharing!

TheAL said...

These are wonderful, especially the felted ones!

Jeri Dansky said...

JustGail, thank you (as always) for your suggestions!

Charissa, I'm all about trying to show people things they hadn't seen before - so I'm glad it worked!

And glad you liked them, TheAL!