Monday, September 6, 2010

Magnets To Brighten Your Day - and Adorn Your Fridge

two magnets; monsters saying I'm crafty and I use punctuation correctly

If you're a "refrigerator magnet" type of person, I've got some treats for you! Let's start with the "monsters" magnets from Fishcakes, which I loved from the moment I saw them. With 70 choices, there's something to suit everyone; I'm pretty fond of the I'm Organized magnet, as well as all the "word nerd" ones. [via Ben Zimmer, on Twitter]

dictionary word magnets

Speaking of word nerds, how about these dictionary magnets from XO Handworks, custom-made with your choice of words?

hand-painted magnets

Jocelyn Proust Designs of Australia makes hand-painted tiles - and some eye-catching hand-painted fridge magnets.

magnet set showing human circulatory system

And finally, take a look at Say Hi Beth - who sells science and math magnets (and many more). Her magnets are made from "old recycled children's books and textbooks, many of which were saved from the rain and other elements."

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Struggler said...

I'm really drawn to those ones with words on... as usual, you've got me clicking through to the Etsy seller to see more!

Julie Bestry said...

Nifty! I especially like the one with "I use punctuation correctly." My freezer is bedecked with funny and motivational magnets, even though I don't actually use them to organize or affix anything to the fridge.

SueBK said...

The dictionary magnets would make great presents. "Make them yourself" badges, or photo keyrings; a 2nd hand dictionary; and a bit thought about the characteristics of person you're giving to would be the only things required.
Teenage birthday party coming up. Maybe instead of the standard lollie (candy) party favour bag a personalised key-ring?

Jeri Dansky said...

Struggler, isn't Etsy wonderful?

Julie, I'd be shocked if you DIDN'T like the punctuation one!

SueBK, I'm yet again grateful you're around to provide the DIY perspective.