Thursday, March 3, 2011

Storing - and Displaying - the Wine Bottles

wine rack, wall-mounted, metal

"If you don’t see wine as art, fine. Go ahead and clear a shelf in the pantry. Right over there, next to the oatmeal and the Worcestershire sauce."

That's how Oenophilia introduces its listing of wine racks. I've written about this company before, but I'd never noticed its mid century wine rack. [via Apartment Therapy. Photo from Hayneedle, one of the sites that sells this wine rack - and where it's currently on sale.]

There are lots of alternatives for storing and displaying wine bottles; let's look at a few of them. Disclaimer: It's always best to control the light, temperature and humidity when storing wine. So if you're going to use any of these products, please be careful about where you put them.

wine rack, wood

wine rack, wood, close-up

One of the products I've been ogling for quite a while is the weinstele by Matthias Froböse. It's now available through DaWanda. [via swissmiss]

acrylic wine holder

The Gus Modern acrylic wine holder - available here (and many other places - uses the same orientation of the wine bottles.

wine rack, wall-mounted

Another product with a similar approach - but this time made from "anodised aluminium" - is the Rosendahl winetube.

floor-standing wine rack

CounterEvolution makes its pieces from "wood salvaged exclusively from bowling lanes." Two of those pieces are its wine racks: a tabletop version and this floor-standing rack. [via Emily Berk of Armadillo Associates]

wine table

And then there are the wine tables. This is the Don Vino Wine Table from Chicone Cabinetmakers. [via Freshome]

wine storage and serving table

Here's a very different type of wine table: the Le Vendange Wine Serving and Storage Table by Numana Woodcraft. I found this table - and the next one - through CustomMade, a wonderful web site.

wine storage and serving table

Finally, let's admire this lovely wine rack and serving table from Michael Hauck Designs.

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Sophie said...

Ok I'm not a wine drinker, so this may be obvious to those who are, but how can the bottles be on their side and just held by the neck without falling? Seems gravity defying to me. Whats the trick?