Monday, March 28, 2011

Magazine Files: A Great Way to Organize Your Magazine Collection

two magazine files

The best answer on how to store the magazines is often "don't store them." But if you truly have a good reason to keep a magazine collection, there are some lovely magazine files you could keep them in. One place with a large selection of patterns is The Empty Box Company.

two magazine files - geometric patterns

The Danish company Manostiles has some nice magazine files; you can buy them from Cahetu. [via decor8] Update on Aug. 21, 2012: I'm no longer finding these at Cahetu, but you can buy them directly from Manostiles now.

magazine file

The Orla Kiely magazine holder is a fun option. Update on Aug. 21, 2012: I'm no longer finding this magazine holder, but I'm finding another Orla Kiely one!

three magazine files - old ships, vintage clothes, etc.

And here are the Rossi Italian paper magazine holders.

magazine file - gray, white, flowers

Bashful Bunny has a number of choices in magazine files.

magazine file, bird pattern

And Laughing Taffy Designs has interesting one-of-a-kind magazine holders.

magazine file, green, wood

Here's the magazine storage box from Nila Poff Custom Crafts.

Want something with a more corporate look? Take a look at Ultimate Office.

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JustGail said...

These are some gorgeous holders. I have just some basic cardboard holders, and covered a few in wallpaper. I really should finish the job. Two of the magazines are quarterly needlework magazines (and scarily thin the last couple of years) and the other is a bi-monthly sewing magazine, so they really don't take up that much room. And I do go back and read through them.

What I'd like to find is the metal brackets so I can label the holders with magazine name and years.

Sugarholic In Recovery said...

I have a some decorative magazine holders I use in my book closet for items that don't stand upright very some spiral notebooks, and scripts from plays I've been in.

I bought some really handy clips that slide onto the magazine holder that have a place to insert removable labels. (I bought them from IKEA.) These are fantastic for labeling decorative holders or boxes without ruining them...and for the ability to change the label to use the holder for a different item.