Sunday, March 6, 2011

Reader Question: Colorful Magazine Racks

red polycarbonate magazine rack

I am looking for a colorful magazine rack. I looked through the blog articles but most of the ones that I see and like, the web pages don't exist anymore. Do you know of other sites I might look at? -- Tommy, commenting on my magazine rack post from June 2010

Sure! Things keep changing - products get discontinued and new ones are offered. (And sometimes old products are still around, but are carried by different websites and stores than in the past.) So besides updating the links on all my old magazine rack posts, I've found some new ones - including some that are definitely colorful!

Let's start out with the Front Page Magazine Rack by Kartell. It's available in red and yellow as well as the more demure black, smoke, etc. In the U.S., one place to buy it is Hive.

orange magazine rack

Casamania has a magazine rack available in red and orange (as well as black and other neutral colors).

magazine rack, red

Michael Sodeau designed the Sprung Magazine Rack. I'm not seeing this on the manufacturer's web site, though - and there are very few online purchase options. (Here's one.) So act soon if you want this one.

orange magazine rack

And here's the Buuk magazine rack, designed by Lorbus for Sintesi. The photo comes from Bauhaus 2 Your House - which unfortunately is not selling this orange version right now. Other places selling this magazine rack - places which do have colorful versions - include Designyu in Germany,, and Aria in Hong Kong. Update on Nov. 30, 2012: Designyu is no longer carrying this product.

red leather magazine rack

If you want a more classic look, there's this red leather magazine rack from Global Views.

red magazine rack

Finally, here's the Lipsi lacquered magazine rack from Busso - which has an online shop for the U.S.


JustGail said...

Those are certainly some colorful racks!

This brings up a question - how do you find these wonderful things? Do you have a list of "go-to" companies? Google super-powers developed over years of searches? About how long does it take you on average to find the items you show?

I'm always looking for ways to improve my search inputs. The quotes, "+" and "-" help a lot but still, I can spend hours trying to find what I'm searching for. Or maybe I'm just looking for re-assurance that I'm not the only one?

Jeri Dansky said...

JustGail: And I have one more I found after I posted this; watch for the next magazine rack post!

How do I find these things? It's sort of a combination of things you mentioned, plus a bit more.

The "more" is my huge collection of bookmarks of things I've seen over the years, largely from reading a LOT of blogs every day. (Well, following them in my RSS reader, at any rate - of the hundreds of posts in my reader each day, I may look at 20 or so.)

I have a few go-to sources, like Etsy for handmade things.

And then there's a lot of googling - and yes, even though I think I'm pretty good at it, sometimes it takes hours. These posts often take a long time to pull together!

Kristi Schneider said...

Great magazine organizer finds! I really like the magazine table. Too bad it's in Europe.

Jeri Dansky said...
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Jeri Dansky said...

Hi, Kristi! The magazine table (in this post) is really a fun product, isn't it? I have readers around the world, so I include products available in various places. But there are many times when I've found something neat and wished it were available in the U.S.