Sunday, March 20, 2011

Waking Up On Time: Five Alarm Clocks

two alarm clocks

If we must have alarm clocks in our lives, they may as well be nice ones! If you don't want to just use an alarm clock function on your smart phone, here are some other clocks to consider.

The one above is the Braun AB1 alarm clock - sold by Charles and Marie, whose web site says: In 1971 Braun introduced the AB1 Alarm Clock, designed to do what is required — keep accurate time and wake you up in the morning — no more no less. ... Now the last batch of the AB1 was recently sold and we got our hands on a good chunk of them. If you want to get your hands on what is undoubtedly the most quintessential alarm clock ever designed before they are all gone – forever – then act fast. [via Apartment Therapy]

For other Braun alarm clocks - including a voice-activated one - you could head to the Unica Home web site.

alarm clock

Thomas Bai also provides some nice, simple alarm clocks. This one is the pick-me-up, which Bai describes this way: This innovative alarm clock features innovative lift-light and lift-snooze technology that lights up the clock for visibility and turns off the alarm (snooze) when lifted or tilted.

For a very different type of clock, take a look at the Philips Wake-up Lights. When I first read about these lights, they weren't readily available in the U.S. - but now they are!

dumbbell alarm clock

And then there are the novelty alarm clocks; I'll just share a couple that caught my eye. First, here's the dumbbell alarm clock, which reminds me of my personal trainer - and the exercises I need to be doing. [via Popgadget]

tea maker alarm clock

And for anyone who would rather start the day with a cup of tea than a cup of coffee, here's the Teasmade tea maker clock alarm. [via Unpluggd]

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Alice said...

I have the Wake Up Light and if you live in the far north, it's a huge help in the dead of winter. It's nearly impossible for me to wake up if it's pitch black outside, and the clock glows from dim to bright gradually, helping me to come to my senses. The gentle sounds they offer as the alarm also are nice - no more blaring "heart-attack" klaxon.

Kristine said...

But wouldn't you rather wake up to the yummy smell of cooked bacon? Check out the Wake n' Bacon.